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Woods Multitil's are available in a range of size's from 3.5m-5.2m working widths. These machines are hydraulic folding robustly built and will save the operator time when it comes to working down ground, the heavy front levelling board smashes the clod's before the front crumbler roller helps to level before the tines do their job then of course the rear crumbler. The tines are adjustable for varying working depths as are the front levelling boards.


Model Number of Tines Transport Width HP Required
3.5m 30
7'6" 90
4.0m 34
7'6" 100
4.6m 40 7'6" 110
5.2m 46 8'2" 125

Woods also make drag harrows they come in a range of width's are hydraulic folding and have 1" diameter tines.

Model Tines woodsdrags
4.5m 65
5.2m 75
5.5m 80
6.2m 90