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Einbock weeders were one of the first two tined weeders put into production and they've gone from strength to strength in terms of sales selling approximately 50 machines a year every year, and why, with so many other makes to choose from well, the Einbock frame is strongly built but more importantly the tines are of the highest quality meaning the minimum of breakages and maximum amount of time between needing to change the tines. The machine has 60 tines per 1.5m section meaning you get good ground coverage and with 4 wheels on the 5m and 6m models the machine follows the ground almost perfectly. No one can doubt the good this machine does the ground clearing the dead thatch from the ground a lot more effectively than the chain harrow. Also with a range of options means this machine can be used for a range of tasks.

The Einbock Pneumaticstar is the perfect way to rejuvenate your ground clearing the dead grass and seeding new all in one pass.

Model Transport Width Number of Tines HP Requirement Approx Weight Pneumaticstar Model
3m 3.0m 120 25 230 Yes 8 Outlets
5m 2.65m 204 40 410 Yes 8 Outlets
6m 3.05m 240 50 500 Yes 8 Outlets
8m 2.85m 324 60 700 No
9m 3.05m 360 70 780 Yes 12 Outlets
12m G/F 3.05m 480 90 1260 Yes 12 Outlets
All Pneumaticstar's have 300 litre Tank capacity's    G/F = Gullwing Folding 


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6m Pneumaticstar 5m Transport 3m Pneumaticstar