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The well-known Becker Aeromat has been developed based on over 35 years in the precision dril market. A precise drilling distance, equal drilling depth and high working speeds are always the demands to fulfill for an effective way of planting and with the Beckers innovative compressed air system which singles out the seeds for planted by blowing air through the system rather than using suction of the seeds which dispells contaminated air into the atmosphere something that in europe is now illegal with modifications needed to be carried out on exsisting drills.

The Becker Aeromat is available in working widths from 3.00 to 9.00 m and with row widths from 30 cm. the standard row spacing is 75 cm.

As standard the metering unit is equipped with a coulter system using a large rubber pressure/depth control wheels with a diameter of 500 mm this is known as "S Type".

To be able to drill under difficult circumstances, e.g.when minimum-tillage is practised, the metering units can be equipped with large disc openers combined with twin (rear) seed press wheels mounted in a V form this is known as "DTE" type The Becker Aeromat now uses a M20 cell wheel with rotating ejector ensures even more precise seed spacing in the field. In addition to this, the high standard of singulation has been improved with the new M20 metering unit.

The new system of a rotating ejector does not need to go as deep in the cell wheel as the earlier M9 system this means the air pressure on the M20 has been reduced from 140mbar as it was on the M9 series to as little as 80mBar.

The Pro line models are by far the most popular sold in the UK these models use a monitor 1502 control box, 55 litre seed hopper capacity and we are keeping both 6 and 8 row S type models in stock.

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