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The Browns Slitmaster is ever increasing in popularity due to the improved pasture after using this machine, it has a maximum working depth of 8" and has hardened steel blades. These machines increase water percolation, promote root development, increase fertilizer intake and help to relieve compaction. The rotors can be adjusted on an angle and only require low horsepower. There are also a range of options available for the Slitmasters such as a rear roller or rear harrow.

Model 1.5m2.3m 3.0m 4.5m 6.0m
Width 1.65m 2.3m 3.0m 4.6m 6.0m
Transport Width 1.65m 2.3m 3.0m 2.6m 3.3m
Depth 76cm 76cm 76cm 87 cm
Height (Transport)
1.2m 1.2m 1.2m 2.2m 2.25m
Weight of Machine
210kg 310kg 407kg 858kg 1065kg
Max Ballast (Extra)
500kg 760kg 1000kg 60kg N/A
No Of Blades 24 36 48 72 96