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The new F14  Hedge-cutting flail from Mc connel represents the very latest in flail technology, desgined expecially for the challenges of extra hedge growth.

This flail is approximately 40% heavier than the current F10 and is disigned for use with hedgetrimmers with 65hp drive motors and above.

If you would like to know more about these flails please contact us.  We have the largest stock of F14 flails in the country and already have several sets out in use.

Main advantages customers have reported so far in comparision with the F10 are :-

 *   Better overall finish

 *   Clean cut on 2 year growth hedges

 *   Execellent grass cutting abilities

 *   Good resistance to hittng foriegn objects.

We have these flails at a special introductory price of £10 per flail ( plus VAT). they will fit any hedger that currentily uses F10 flails with a flail motor of 65HP and above.