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Rotors to fit Lucas G machines always in stock please phone for nett price. Next day delivery available. More than 5 available.

Slats and complete bed chain Assembly's are always available for Lucas G machines. We can supply component parts or complete Assembly's at special nett prices. Please do ring for prices on complete assemblies as this can work out very cost effective, and extend the life of your machine. More than 6 available.  

Castor and Raptor gearboxes always in stock. Please phone for special nett prices. more than 1 in stock at all times. Internal parts for gearboxes are also available.

Filters should be changed yearly on these machines to ensure the long-life of your machine.We always have filters in stock at special nett prices to encourage filter change. More than 30 in stock.

We carry motors for all the Lucas G machines we sell, from bed motors to chute motors. We also carry seal kits as welll. All available for imaedite delivery. More than 10 available

Bed drive tubes for castor and raptor machines. more than 1 available

We have large stocks of blades for Lucas G machines in stock ready for immediate delivery.  Part No  43514-930  Lucas bent blade  Part No  43514-940  Lucas Straight blade  Part No  43514-950  Lucas straight blade (small)  and blades for lucas diet feeders. More than 2,000 available.