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As the main distributor for the kidd straw bedder's we carry a huge stock of Kidd parts on the shelf for immediate delivery. We also carry parts for Kidd toppers and straw choppers sold under the Kverneland and Tarrup brands. Below is just a small selection of parts we carry in…
We carry all of the different belts used on these machines in stock for next day delivery.

Kidd short chop kit blades / bed spread blades always in stock. more than 500 in stock. Kidd part No  0740037

Kidd Gearbox to fit most models.We can supply this genuine gearbox at a truly competitive price. Part number 0740074 More than 3 in stock  £595 + VAT

Kidd tub support bearings. more than 1 in stock

Kidd blade (old type), used in 804 etc where standard blade was too long. More than 50 in stock Part no  0910226

Kidd carbide coated blades to fit all models. Used in chopping rotor for shorter chop length.  £24.39 each + VAT More than 50 in stock.

Centre hub for KIdd 814 straw chopper. more than 1 in stock.

Kidd pulley to fit 814 straw chopper. more than 1 in stock