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Browns Buzzard Code 65200 : The Browns Buzzard is designed to handle conventional bales, it is hydraulically controlled fitted with 16 claws and fixed in a rugged steel frame with a side rail to align the bales
Code 65221: The Browns Eagle bale grab is a heavy duty bale grab designed to pick up conventional bales in flat 8's or 2 big square bales depending on size. The side rail on the eagle can be mounted on either side to suit the operator and conditions. Browns eagle bale
Browns 65250 Code 65250 :The Browns Superbuzzard 2 is stronger built than the eagle and has an extra row of tines making it ideal for large square bales. It has a length of 99" and a width of 63" and comes with a side rail bar
Code 65260 : The Superbuzzard 3 is built as the superbuzzard 2 but is wider having an extra 2 columns of tines making it suitable to carry three 800mm bales or two 1200mm bales. It has a fixed side rail and is available at extra cost with an electronic valve kit enabling the user to grab and release individual bales. It is 99" long & 99" wide. Universal