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McConnel PA60/6585 Hedger


Model: PA6085
Minimum HP Requirements: 75hp
Minimum Tractor Weight: 4000 kgs
Maximum Reach: 19'8
Machine Weight (excl. oil): 1690kg
Power Arm Horsepower: 85hp
Mechanical Breakaway:
Road Lighting: Yes
Power Slew: Yes
3 point Linkage Mounting: Yes
Axle Mounting: Optional (at extra cost)
Oil Cooler:
Miscellaneous: Oil Tank Capacity: 200 litres

The McConnel PA6085 hedger is a 3 point linkage mounted trimmer as standard, for the large scale farmer / contractor it has a choice of XTC controls or V5 Revolution Controls and has electric flail control as standard. The PA6085 has a 19'8" maximum reach where as the PA6585 has a telescopic arm giving it 21'5" reach , they also come with power slew, oil cooler, road lighting, front flap kit as standard and the option of a  built in Debris blower. There is also a choice of flailheads and attachments to fit the PA6085/PA6585 at extra cost. The hedger uses McConnels new gear drive system producing 85hp through the pump and motor to give that extra power in tough conditions.