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McConnel Rhino 9


Cutting Width: 2.75m (9')
HP Requirements: 50
Cutting Height mm: 25 - 300
Machine Weight (excl. oil): 950kg
Thickness of Cut up to: 50mm
Overall Width (Trans): 3.0m
PTO Speed: 540 rpm
Drive Protection: Slipclutch
No of Wheels: 2
Blade Overlap (mm): 85
Number of Blades: 4
Blade carriers: 2

McConnel's Rhino Topper range are rotary toppers built to last and are strong enough to tackle more than your everday pasture. The 9ft Rhino is the best selling topper we have with year on year success of 50+ units going out the gates and why, well the Rhino 9 has contra rotating heavy blades which lift the grass after you've driven over it meaning a near perfect cut across the 9ft. It has big heavy swinging blades & rubber protected drive line meaning if you hit something then the rubber donuts take the initial shock before the slip clutch kicks in.